Egg Beater Pedals

i have 4 sets, one i don't want to use. the relase tension on the right is significantly more than the left. bought them from the crank brothers booth at an expo. when i contacted them about thie difference in release tension, they sent this

Thanks for your email. Our cleat is unlike any other because the front of the cleat is the same as the back (you can clip in forwards or
backwards). When you clip out, the front and back simultaneously releases you. The rear of the cleat moves as much out as the front
moves in. The feeling is most similar to Time ATAC in that spring pressure ramps up from zero (through the 6 degrees of float) up until
release. The two cleats are different such that if you put the one that has two little dots on it on your right shoe, then both feet release
outwards at about 15 degrees and if you put the one with the two little dots on your left shoe, then both feet release outwards at about 20
degrees. The earlier release is also feels like slightly lower spring tension.

i replied to them that the shoes and cleats work fine on my other sets. but they haven't bothered to reply, as it is obivous that it is a quality control problem, not a user error.

so if you have any problems be sure you can return them.
Ricitius said:
There are clip on platforms for Egg Beaters?
I have two sets of eggbeaters and one of them actually came with a platform. This was a sale stock (brand new) which came with everything but the box (perhaps oem?). Anyway, they came with a transparent flat hard plastic platform which clips onto the pedal as cleats would. Obviously you have to spin the pedal around so that you could put your foot on the pedal (they could only be used on one side). I'll try and post a picture of it when I can so you can get a better understanding of what i'm talking about.
I ditched my eggs a month ago. You've heard all the positive points above so I won't repeat them - I agree with almost all of it.

Two problems I had though:
1. They haven't been very good to the soles of my Sidi Action shoes, and I have some pretty nasty ridges worn into the soles of my shoes from the pedals.
2. The pedal spindles are a little longer than Shimano SPDs. My ankles decided that they didn't like the pedal position in combination with my 118mm BB. It seems its just a little too wide for my bio-mechanics.

Unfortunately that has meant a return to Shimano SPDs :(