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Discussion in 'Cycling Equipment' started by richard schumacher, Jan 6, 2005.

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    >Product overview (from one vendor, but usefully agnostic):
    >Technical note:

    [snip NYT article]

    Dear Richard,

    These sound like electric scooters with pedals added for

    The .pdf's talk about 3-6 hour charging times, presumably
    from 120 volt house outlets.

    This suggests that the "regenerative charging" is window
    dressing and wishful thinking.

    They claim a range of around 20 miles at around 20 mph on
    flat ground, using about 34 watts/mile. Elsewhere, they
    indicate "500 watts" to travel at 20 mph on flat ground as
    basic performance, with "3500 watts" for a 10% grade.

    Whatever these figures mean, it sounds as if the rider would
    exhaust the battery in one hour of output at 20 mph on flat
    ground and need to recharge it from a house outlet for 3-6
    hours. Without a house outlet, it doesn't sound as if the
    "regenerative charging" has much practical effect.

    Interestingly, motorcycle regulations apply on these in most
    states if you go over 25 mph--meaning lights, license
    plates, and taxes, though I suspect that many riders would
    hope to ignore the law.

    Carl Fogel