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    When you are going out for shopping, for travelling or for anything, if you could take only one thing with you, what is it? What is your answer? Wallet? Umbrella? Sunglasses? No, the answer is mobile phone. Now a day, mobile phone is not
    onely a communication device, but our our wallet, our computer, our camera, our recorder, our Xbox, navigation system,our torch...... We use mobile
    phone everywhere all the day: walking, eating or sitting. Wait a moment, everywhere? What to
    do if we need a silent environment in some places? It seems have problems to use mobile phones too much. There are many places like law court, exam room, cinema, conference room, library,
    restaurant, mobile phone
    is not welcome. What can we do to solve the problem? All we need is a
    mobile phone jammer. Mobile phone jammer, an anti mobile device, is a kind of electronic device that could
    jam mobile phone signal issued by a cell phone tower. Once you turn it on, all mobile phones in its working range will show
    No Service. But after we turn it off,
    all mobile phones will resume working, it won't cause any harm to the mobile phones. To learn more about mobile phone
    jammer, please come to our website. Here is a very popular mobile phone
    jammer: 100 Meters Jamming Range 5 Band 70W High Power 3G mobile Phone
    Signal Jammer, model number S805046. Ever consider that a
    mobile phone signal jammer can block the
    5 frequency bands CDMA GSM DCS PCS 3G at
    the same time with powerful jamming distance? Then this100 Meters
    Jamming Range 5 Band 70W High Power 3G mobile Phone Signal Jammer can
    easily reach this goal and then you can have a look at the details of
    First since the standard equipped antennas of this mobile phone signal
    jammer is 5PCS Omni-directional Antenna, which enable this mobile phone
    jammer to cut off the signal from all the directions. Besides since
    designed with 70W high output power the jamming distance of this mobile
    phone jammer is really powerful, which is up to 100 meters depending
    on the signal strength in the given area. Besides when design this
    mobile phone blocker, the designer has taken the temperature into
    consideration, so this high power mobile phone jammer is designed with
    cooling fan, so that it can always keep in good condition and do no
    harm to the jammer device itself. In this way this high power mobile
    phone jammer can be used 365 days continuously to reach the nonstop
    working goal.
    Last but very important is that this mobile phone jammer owns the
    adjustable design so you can decided the jamming frequency bands and
    the jamming range all by yourself. If you are in need of one just come
    here and pick up one to help solve your problem.

    It can continue working for 365 days with AC adapter
    High power Jammer, total output power: 70W
    External Omni-directional Antenna
    Every band frequency can select output power
    All the TX frequencies cover downlink only.
    Automatic power switching power supply: 50 / 60 Hz / AC 100 ~ 240V
    Jam all of mobile phone signals (3G/CDMA/GSM/DCS/PCS)
    Best for blocking 3G signal
    With cooling fan inside
    Output power is adjustable
    Jamming range up to 100 meters
    Application Area: prison, guard, invigilate meeting room, library,
    theater, class room etc

    Technical Specification
    Affected Frequency Ranges:
    -CDMA: 851-894MHz 42dBm 15Bm/30KHz (min)
    -GSM: 925-960MHz 42dBm 13dBm/30KHz (min)
    -DCS: 1805-1880MHz 41dBm 10dBm/30KHz (min)
    -PCS: 1920-1990MHz 41dBm 10dBm/30KHz (min)
    -3G: 2110-2170MHz 41dBm 12dBm/30KHz (min)
    Power supply: AC adapter (AC220V-DC27V)
    Shielding Radius: (20-100) [email protected] still depends on the signal
    strength in given area.
    Total output power: 70W
    Weight: 13kg
    Size: 34*13*27cm

    Product Notes
    Make sure to connect all the antennas firstly before the power supply
    is switched on. Please do not take off antenna when the machine is
    Antenna shall be used vertically to the ground for working more
    Please don't put the jammer in the bad Condition of over-wet, over-
    hot, high voltage and high magnetism.
    The jammer shall be installed in the position with good ventilation,
    and large-scale things shall be avoided to ensure the shielding
    The jamming distances we mentioned on website are for customer's
    reference only. The actual jamming distance will be varied depending
    on the signal strength and the use location and if full charges, etc
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