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Feb 9, 2003
I am recovering from a surgical reconstruction of my knee. And I've got osteo-arthritis. Train hard, say the surgeon and the physio, to build muscle to stabilise the joint. But training hard causes inflamation and sets me back. Can I use an electrostimulator to replicate hard training sessions(endurance,intervals,weights, etc) without putting strain on the joint? If so, any suggestions/recommendations?
an electro stimulator cannot replicate a hard workout no matter what the infomercials try and tell you.

in this case you should probably talk to your physio, its their job to figure out a rehab plan that will get you back to full strength if possible

for the arthritis you might want to try a supplement with Glucosamine in it but again talk to a doctor first
I learnt at school that.

What follows is a simplified version and translated so not scientific top literature(be aware of this).

Electrostimulaters are ok for trying ta save some muscles or build some in revalidation and for some forms of(recuperation) training.
They told me the biggest problem was that you can train the muscle but for use in sport a musle is not enough you need to tell a musle when and how often it has to do something(I spare you the details as I don't like translating and looking it up)

So the problem is you have trained(strenghtened) the muscle but your brains can't or can significantly less good addres the muscle to do some tasks.

My maybe not perfect conclusion, yes it helps if there is nothing else, better is to use(train) your muscles in the usual way as you then also learn(ameliorate) to (better) addres the muscle.

Satisfied? Maybe, if not teel me I'll thoroughly read my books again or Ricstern will give me a helping hand
my view is that if you are trying to build up muscle strength after surgery or the like then as a start it will work great. You always need to start off slowly and these things are great for that. I've bought a cheap one to kick off the strengthening of my lower abs. Works great but is not a complete replacement for good old fashioned exercise.
Please consult an expert in the field. Especially your doctor.

Wose place to get such advise is in public forumns from strangers.

Do not jump into the flashy ads and buy an expensive machine to later use it wrong or worse hurt yourself even more.

Ask your doctor and follow his advise.

That is one main reason why shops are not selling the electrostimulators. We do not need huge lawsuits from people getting injured.