Elvis speaks...

Alright man I been stuck here for 3 days because of the ice.I want you
people to lay off Sir Lance."E" says that the boys got a problem so
lets let him deal with the thing himself.Floyd is on the move
agian.Look for him to emerge.Vino....well what ya gonna do when they
come for you? That Cauberg finish is for the mild mannered but I tell
you people something....Ol' "E" here well I rode that thing twice a day
everyday during my last mission and I got to the point that I could
ride it while smokin' a blunt and singing "Wabash Cannonball" and never
stand up in the saddle so you sprinters try and do that on a 4 speed
iron tank.

I wanna thatnk you folks for being a great audience...Thank
you....thank ya very much!!