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Discussion in 'UK and Europe' started by Michael Macclan, Jan 29, 2003.

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  1. I found the following on rec.sport.triathlon and thought some of you would find it amusing. Anyone
    care to write something in the same vein about helmet debates?

    > > By the way, you bring up a good question: What is the reasoning behind
    > > races being draft-legal and some being draft-illegal? And, relatedly,
    > > can't there be an "industry standard?"
    > >
    > > Tom (not advocating anything naughty!)
    > >
    > Now there's a can of worms! You'll find that the adoption of rules which allow drafting for pro
    > (and now some amateur) events has been hotly debated here.
    > I'm one of the one who feels that drafting certainly makes for an interesting event, but veers too
    > far away from the intent of triathlon, which is essentially a time trial event.
    > That usually brings in comments about drafting being allowed in the swim and run, so why not on
    > the bike. Then some people will say that the draft doesn't make as big of a difference in the
    > other events. Then someone will say that they can swim 30% faster when they are drafting, which
    > someone else will call a blatant lie. Then someone will say that swimmers get more benefit from
    > the wet suit than they ever could from drafting. Then someone will say that wet suits should only
    > be allowed when the water is under 59F. Then someone will say that clydesdales
    (heavier weight athletes)
    > shouldn't wear wet suits, since they're buoyant enough anyway. Then the whole "why have a
    > Clydesdale division?" question comes up. Brian will then point out than Marx and Lenin were
    > blatant drafters, that capitalism and the U.S. will fail due to clydesdales, and that referees
    > should ride the course alone on dirt bikes, randomly firing handguns at anyone they catch
    > drafting. Which bring us to the value of quality engineering in sunglasses and what that's truly
    > worth...
    > See what you've started?

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.