Endurance Racing anyone?

Discussion in 'Road Cycling' started by Msa, May 22, 2003.

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    I have been asked today to take part in a 12 hour tandem race in an attempt to beat my clubs record
    which has been standing since 1926.

    I believe the record is around 226 miles in the 12 hours which doesn't seem to bad, but that's
    probably because there aren't that many tandems in the club!

    1) The longest I have spent in the saddle in 8 hours spread over a day
    2) The longest distance I have covered in 1 day is 110 miles, although I have covered 500
    miles in 1 week
    3) I race regularly
    4) I average around 200 training miles per week when not racing.

    Oh yes, forgot to mention that I've never ridden a tandem :)

    I'll be on the back and I'm looking for any tips regarding tandem riding or endurance racing. I
    would imagine the hardest things are going to be setting a steady pace and getting comfortable on
    the bloody thing! Hopefully we can average around 20mph for the 12 hours. I'm also hoping that
    food/bidons will be passed via a car or feedstops.

    Comments anyone?

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