Energy Drinks!!!


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Jan 27, 2007
For hydration on rides, do any of you consume energy drinks? If so, what are your favorites? Mine would be Full Throttle, Red Bull, Rockstar, and Moster Energy.
I consume water. When I finish my ride I might top up with a single dose of oral rehydration solution if the day has been particularly warm.

My recovery drink of choice is chocolate milk.
some TV show here in Australia did a comparison of various sports drinks....Gatorade, etc...and also Chocolate Milk (Milo brand in Australia).
The tests were professionally done by qualified scientists (well, they all wore white lab coats and had beakers and similar equipment !!) they concluded that Milo, or the Chocolate Drink, was just as good in terms of ingredients, as Gatorade et al, and is a damn sight cheaper as well !!!
Anyways, I have just started drinking Gatorade with breakfast.
At the point where I am normally puffing like a steam train, to stay with the younger riders, and feeling the legs go "dry" i.e. no gas... it is not quite as hard to maintain pace. They look around and exclaim "Stevo is still with us !! wow, man !!!"
After so many miles doing this stuff, I do know my own body...and I know it's the Gatorade...
I love this stuff now, and buy the powdered variety that I mix up with water.