ENERGY for a competition start

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  1. hey, I've heard some opinions about giving your body an ENERGY - KICK with some fluids called
    isotonic or something... some of good swimmers in my city say that Isostar seems to be the best...
    at the time I tried myself isostar and was satisfied as my muscles didnot feel tired for two hours..
    as they used to without iso now Iam trying something much cheaper, but also isotonic IsoPlus... its
    our local (Polish) iso, and it makes me feel more powerful...

    although isos seem to be made for long-distance runs, coffeine seems to be more like - kicking
    the momentum

    I heard that coffee is not an unacceptable drink for swimmers anymore, I mean - anti- doping
    commisions are not checking swimmers's blood for coffeine containment ... is it true

    I tried once to get a swim with two (2 x 0,2 l) express instant coffees in my blood. uff, what a
    feeling - body seems to be flying through the water... and so on anyway - it seemed to be quite
    unnatural to me, so I resigned from coffee before contests and trainings.

    what R Your opinins ?

    sory for longish bye yar

  2. Gosia

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    >now Iam trying something much cheaper, but also isotonic IsoPlus... its our local (Polish) iso, and
    >it makes me feel more powerful...

    I've never seen IsoPlus. Do you remember the producer? On last competition I noticed that redBull
    and other drinks with caffeine are the most common. I don't drink coffee and I'd rather not use
    them. My HR is enough high because of stressfuI situation. My friend after RedBull and swimming 50m
    Fly had to lie few minutes on the bench. I prefer Isostar because I'm used to but in fact I don't
    think it can help me - Usually I wait 40min to an hour between warming-up and my first race. Have
    you ever heard about any blood test on local (wojewodzkie) competitions?

    Gosia PL