Anyone else do the NECSA today? Hekpoort was just as hard as last week but a lot warmer. I think some of us were close to heat exhaustion near the top! :p I wear a bandana and soaked it in water at the next water point. Keeps the head cool for quite awhile. (Hey I don't have hair to do that! :'() Overall I felt better this week. Having ridden the course last week probably helped. Improved about 20 minutes. But I didn't like the idea of a 95km event turning into 100km without warning! :p
VO2. Looked for you again but didn't see you. You should be conspicuous in your outfit? ;) I was in "A" group. I'm sure you didn't miss the Hartebeeshoek turn off this time? ;D ;D
Provisional results have been posted on the World of Endurance website. (Staturday evening! Well done Champion Chip! ;D)
Old Timer, I started in the B-group. Also kept on looking if I could see you, especially around the mayhem where we had to collect our numbers. It was difinitely warmer than last week. I was seriously contemplating jumping into that pond we past around the 80k mark. :p
It bugs me that a race is advertised as 95k, only to find you still have 5 to go after you hit the 95k mark? Maybe it had something to do with the revised start? Ah well, it only makes us stronger. ;)
I think the heat sapped all the energy out of us. I felt weak the last part. As for HekMoord, the scores are now level! I toke the wife up there after the race. She says we should have our heads checked. :-X
Old Timer, I'm now done with my prep for the Argus. The last part of this race made me realise that my legs need some rest now.
Congratulations to all of us who finished it.

I chose this race instead of the Ride for Sight, to find out what Hekpoort is all about. Now I know. I was defeated. My maximum heart rate was confirmed during the race and I felt rather humiliated at the finish for walking the last 200m or so of Hekpoort.

Now I need new cleats too.
Well done yakima. Don't feel bad about walking HekMoord. The first time I rode it (Kormorant), I led my group out. Why? To prove that I could climb better than any of them. I started way to fast and all of them battled to stay with me. The result? Most of them passed me ¾ of the way up! I dismounted and walked the last 100m or so. :-[
I returned last weekend with a vengeance. Only one thing mattered: to climb her and climb her hard. She tried her best, but I left her behind with a smile on my face. ;)
My advice to anyone attempting to climb her fast? Respect!

Needless to say it's one of my favourite medals!