Entente Cordiale Bike Race

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  1. I pedalled in to Tower Bridge to see the "Finish" (the 'race'
    apparently ended at Rochester and they did the last bit in procession.

    Interesting to see the grimaces as the nice road bikes were subjected
    to the cobbled stretch outside the Tower of London !

    I also wish I had the camera for the shot of the jack-booted gendarme
    in kepi chatting to the beefeater !

    The awards ceremony was a bit low key - I gather that apart from the
    winners who got their jerseys/bouquet of flowers/trophy , the other
    riders didn't know it was happening - so the majority of the "crowd"
    were bemused passing tourists.
    The two ambassadors had a quick chat - their excuse for not
    participating on a tandem themselves was they wouldn't be able to
    agree who would be captain/stoker.

    I was impressed by the bike bags as they loaded up the vans - the
    bags must be worth twenty times the cost of my bike !

    Comments from the riders included how chuffed they were that the
    police had closed the ?M20 ?A20 for them.

    ? Organised by the Tour de France operation, I wonder if it is a
    tryout for another bit of the Tour in UK in a couple of years


    From Transport for London site :

    Over 300 professional and elite cyclists from Britain and France will
    race from Paris to London this weekend to celebrate the centenary of
    the Entente Cordiale.

    The two-day 300km race will bring together 150 riders from each
    country, to honour the links uniting France and the United Kingdom,
    and celebrate the set of three agreements settling long-standing
    disputes between Britain and France in distant lands signed in 1904
    and commonly known as the Entente Cordiale.

    The event will culminate with a trophy ceremony in front of Tower
    Bridge at approximately 4pm on Sunday.The Mayor of London, Ken
    Livingstone, said: ‘My aim is to encourage many more people to
    cycle in London. By improving cycle facilities, we have already seen a
    23 per cent rise in cycling in London in the past year. This race will
    bring together 300 cyclists from France and Britain and is a great way
    to celebrate cycling in our city.’
    Disruption to traffic is expected to be minimal as a rolling road
    block will be in place to minimise any congestion.

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    Tim Henderson wrote:

    > I pedalled in to Tower Bridge to see the "Finish" (the 'race'
    > apparently ended at Rochester and they did the last bit in
    > procession.

    more, on each of the days from Paris to Amiens, to Calais
    and Dover (the snorkles were enormous) and Dover to Rochester,
    then to London at: