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Oct 21, 2002
Van Dooren retires after EPO positive <br />Dutch mountain biker Bas van Dooren has put an end to his career, following a positive test for EPO at the World Mountain Bike Championships in Kaprun in August. Although he could theoretically resume racing after serving a one year suspension, the 29 year old has decided to end it once and for all, so to speak. <br /><br />&quot;I must leave it at the World Championships, shot through my head,&quot; he said in an interview with Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad. &quot;There a top performance was necessary if I wanted to continue my sporting career. With a good result there would have been team managers interested in me. But I knew on the parcours in Kaprun I would come up too short. And yes of course I knew of the stories about EPO. The men who used it, flew. Maybe it would work for me also.&quot; <br /><br />Van Dooren finished 11th in the mud fest that was the men's cross country race on September 1, 10'25 behind the winner Roland Green. After that, he doubted that he would stay in mountain biking, due to the financial problems that the still young sport is wrestling with. After his year and a half contract with Specialized (January 2001-June 2002), he attempted to make it as a road rider with BankGiroLoterij, signing at the beginning of this season but quitting halfway. Nothing succeeded for him and he was already looking at retiring from cycling. <br /><br />&quot;On the internet you can find all sorts of information,&quot; he told AD. &quot;Doctors prescriptions? Well in Germany you can get them easily from a chemist. And Germany is close by. I read several articles that the drug can only be traced between three and five days after an injection. The Bo Hamburger affair reminded me that he eventually got away free. I thought then that I could get away with it too. I gambled.&quot; <br /><br />Van Dooren said that he bought some EPO for 400 euros, and injected it on August 26, six days before the race on Sunday. &quot;However the inspectors were at my door on Friday. I gambled and lost.&quot; <br /><br />Van Dooren's hematocrit was measured at 50 percent on that day, enough to make the UCI suspicious. They returned the next day and asked him to submit a urine sample, five days after Van Dooren had injected EPO. The results of his A sample were known on September 20. &quot;Of course they were positive,&quot; said Van Dooren. <br /><br />On October 17, the Dutch Olympic Committee and Dutch Sports Federation (NOC*NSF) issued a report stating that Van Dooren had resorted to the use of EPO out of desperation, and voted to ban him for a year starting February 1, 2003, as well as handing him a SF 2000 fine. However, Van Dooren knew that it was over by then. &quot;I had little interest in the penalty, because I had already decided to stop,&quot; he said. <br /><br />Van Dooren finished by criticising the KNWU (Dutch Federation) for using him as an example to show how hard it treats dopers. &quot;Riders from Festina who talked a lot after using EPO walked away with sentences of six or a few more months. In fact I will have to stand on the sidelines for 15 months because the KNWU doesn't count winter periods. That means that I can ride all types of cyclo-cross races. Perhaps I'll do that, to show how negligently the KNWU deals with such affairs!&quot; <br /><br />&quot;I felt as though the federation wanted to prevent me from winning the Olympics in Athens. No, they have nothing to fear. I'm busy in a job as a representative. They won't see me again in mountain bike races.&quot; <br />
I feel sorry for the poor guy. It's unfair for other people to use and to get away with it. There are always people who cheat and never get caught and when another desparate contender tries it, he get caught the first time. I hope they find an acurate way to detect EPO at any time soon so that this can stop.
He didnt blame it on drugs for his mother inlaw or a lollie his ate or something he got from a health food shop....... Atleast he was honest, black is black and white is white.
Geez, poor geezer. It just shows how cut-throat the sport actually is. Your entire career can hang on a single result. Who wouldn't be tempted to give it a try.<br /><br />Problem is that if they get away with it the first time, and succeed, it may become harder and harder to resist when your legs aren't responding as well as you'd like. And once you're in the lime-light, you've got to perform to stay there.
Well I think this dude is Naive and misinformed.<br /><br />His Epo cure wasn't long enough and rightly timed to have a big effect.(I am not a doctor but I read lots of sports articles).<br /><br /><br />And other the things he says about riding in the winter cyclo-cross are completely wrong.<br />When he would have read regulations he should have know Winter periods dont count(when you can't prove serious winter activities).<br /><br />It's true that at the if he has six months sentence to go a start of the winter he will still have six when it ends. But altough time stands still he still isn't allowed to ride in the winter. This rule is made because many sports men used to delay procedures until sept-oct and then suddenly accept there sentence and so made disappear a part or whole there sentence.<br /><br />So in Brief He will not ride in no cycling discipline for sure.

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