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Discussion in 'Mountain Bikes' started by Stephen Baker, Jun 29, 2003.

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  1. Well, the old pedals (POS came-with-bike beartraps) started making the "clunk" again. As this is the
    second set of these (stole 1 from the kid) and they have been adjusted three times, it was deemed
    time to "retire" them. Permanently. Apart from the clunk, they have no teeth left on the trap
    anymore, and are beginning to be dangerous. So....... Off to the LBS. Whatcha got?

    Shimano flats ($100 give or take a couple of cents) - Nope! Shinburger machines by an unknown
    company at $80 - Nope! SpecialEd Platforms with nice little replacable pins at 4 cents LESS than
    listed on the SpecEd site..... Hmm... let's try 'em!

    They certainly have the right "feel" as they get wrenched on. One point to SpecEd. They also have
    nice wide flats so my car-sized 15mm has no trouble spinning them on. Two points to SpecEd. They
    _look_ cooler than the previous pedals. OK, OK, mybe only a half-point for that...... Moving on Big
    flat platforms, perfect for size 12 feet. Nice pins, not too long, not too many, not too few, just
    right. Three and a half points. Having the missus say "those look safer than the old ones......"
    before she's seen the price tag. Priceless. We have a winner!


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