Essential info for any bike tour?

Gogy Cro

New Member
Apr 6, 2017
Hi guys, I am doing a little research on active vacation and would appreciate your help.

I launched a new portal for active vacation in Croatia (with all kinds of different tour activities - cycling, hiking, sailing etc.);
Could you take a quick look and tell me your opinion - is this all the important info you could need, and is the content structured in a good way?

Thanks in advance for all the feedback and suggestions, have a great day!
I couldn't get access to the site, but the truth is that when opening a site that is all about explaining the basics about cycling, we should explain the basic food that should be taken to ensure that the food we are the right ones for our cycling activities.
Hey guys, checked your website and looks really great. You covered all the basic info, like destinations, prices, choices, you can also add daily plans... day 1 meeting this, day 2 climbing over here, day 3 bla bla... also, you can tell about your hotel/staying places, meals offered, additional entertainment. By the way, are you guys interested on hiring a bilingual physician? haha... honestly I went to Split once and felt in love with it, wonderful place, wonderful people. I really wish you guys the best of luck with your project, it looks absolutely amazing.
I accessed the website and it's great. It helps me know all the basic information such as destinations,tour route and it's difficulty level.