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Discussion in 'Power Training' started by tuney, Apr 3, 2006.

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    Hi Guys

    Im finally back training after a 3 month break for my honeymoon!

    Ive managed to get back into kind of a routine and im focusing on removing the pot belly, which slowly increasing Base miles.

    I have around 6-8kg to loose in 8 weeks, yeah a tough challenge.

    I am now using an SRM, which I have to say I dont like as much as my Powertap!

    Here's my main question to the clever people here...PLEASE TELL ME IF IM TOTALLY STUPID HERE!

    Im aiming to hit 500-1000cal under my daily calorie needs (approx BMR+Exercise). This are pretty easy to work out from the SRM.

    My main concern is fueling before during and after my rides to ensure I dont deplete my carb stores, Im aiming to hit some high base miles in april.

    I always start with a carb-ish snack 1-2h before a ride, say porridge.
    In the rides Im using a carb/pro mix which has 300cal (approx 60g carb 10g pro). This is a 6:1 ration not 4:1 as some suggest, but im working up to that one ;o)

    So, on a ride of say 2 hour I generally won't deplete carb stores(without using on ride fuel) unless Im low to start with or really going some. Do I need to ensure that I stay fuelled up in the ride to ensure recovery, or do I simply wait until after the ride and eat carb/pro to the value of my ride, or a mix of both? Im sure its easy to over/under eat here!

    On a longer ride I need to figure out how many bottles I need to consume to maintain fuel stores(or at least stop bonking). So how do I figure out how many bottles for say 200/250/300w average? I kind of know that 70g carb is good per hour of exercise, which would be 280cal, but if Im riding at say 250w then im going to be using prob close to 800cal hour from my stores of carb fats pro etc.... blah blah blah my brain hurts!

    This is where Im getting a bit bogged down!

    So I think what Im asking is for some help where I can plug in a wattage and duration and work out pre-during-exercise fueling plan! NOW THAT WOULD BE COOL!

    Does ANYONE know where I can find one/work this out/send me one ;o)

    Thanks Guys
    Hope All the UK guys are enjoying the cold while im in Oz...brrrr its 24degrees here ;o)


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    Just ride lots.