Etape Bornhom starting 19 July


Jonathan Sydenh

If anyone's looking for a fun summer holiday check out the Etape Bornholm races. My wife and I ran
them last year and are going again this year. The island must rate as one of the prettiest places in
Europe and you get to run some fabulous routes. This year they're using chip timing, too, so if you
want two shots at a 10k pb in a week, here's your chance. Accomodation (a wide range of choices) on
the island (and transport to it) gets pretty booked up as it's the sunniest place in Denmark and
boasts fabulous beaches and fabulous beer, not to mention the island specialties of Baltic salmon
and smoked herring. There are route maps and profiles on their website (in English) plus other
useful links. It's a real family occasion, too. It also got my wife seriously hooked on racing.

Jonathan (completely unconnected to the event in any way apart from taking part in it)