Evans attacks, to dispell the revisionist theory

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    Ok, lots are pretty ignorant about Evans.

    He has attacked.

    By memory

    2005 Liege, St Nicolas

    www.cyclingnews.com presents the 91st Liège-Bastogne-Liège

    apart from Tyler Hamilton, and probably Lemond, how many Americans went on St Nicolas? Because there is alot of criticism from Americans on Evans.

    2005 Tour
    stage 16, when he was not a GC rider marked.
    www.cyclingnews.com presents the 92nd Tour de France

    Fleche 2008

    There have been many other instances, Tour of Germany, Tour of Austria.

    Lots of ignorance on this board.

    I reckon Evans is cleaner, just doing recovery therapy, and thus, he does not have the O2 boost of other riders. He was a twice World Cup mtb'er. He was third in world jnr chrono, albeit, this is a weak event, because the catchment is low. Only eastern European countries take it seriously, with Germany. And it was mid 90's, so there were probably far fewer participants.

    He tested highest at AIS about 93 VO2 max when a jnr. There may have been a Nordic skiier who tested higher, classic1 thinks. But those tests are skewed to the skiiers who use upper body.

    Evans gets a hard time for not attacking, cos he rides GC, and he just has not the legs for attacking. Probably cleaner. I doubt he is clean, but not on the big o2 program.

    Folks gotta get their facts right.

    Ok, I was a little licence using speculation on his doping plan. But gees, Landis could not win a NORBA mtb race. But Landis was about 3 levels above Evans as a Tour rider. But gotta question how, or, if Evans is doing some small doping, why give him any credit.

    Well, feel a little conflicted, since he won. Congrats to the guy with the bum chin. Good ride.

    But I did feel it was one of the most insipid attacks I have seen, no kinetic flamboyance or explosivity. Cancellara on the other hand, that was dynamic. I feel that these attacks like the ones that win the Ardennes monuments, are completely fuelled by a doping alchemy. So, I give Evans a pass, because I think his lack of explosivity was not with the benefit of such an alchemy.

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    There were a couple of stages in more recents T'sDF when I saw CE attacking.
    OK, he didn't attack with the real conviction of a guy who believed he could win - but he attacked nonetheless.

    You've got to remember that in recent years, CE has been criticised for not attacking in the mountains when he was up against those great paragons of virtue : Rasmussen, Landis and Basso and latterly Contador.

    I'll let others connect the dots.
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    I've always suspected that CE may be 'guilty' of riding clean.
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    What do you say about their new sponsor. Really gives impression of clean team. Irony of professional cycling.

    Don't take me wrong, I also think Cadel is cleaner than others. Otherwise, he'd be a GT champion so far.
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    Three attacks spannning three years. Wow. That's about the same as Hinault riding through the Pyrenees in his final Tour...

    ... and Hinault managed not to burst into tears and look like some sobbing/drivelling fool who'd star in some TV show for specifically for women.