Everbody shut up, I can't hear the voices in my head!


Aug 13, 2013
I meant to say "machete monster".

I wonder whether Alienator's been hearing the flying machete monster too—or the flying rickettsii monster. ... We have to explain his absence somehow.


Oct 6, 2003
Campybob had him sent to a detention camp in Cambodia run by deranged midgets.. excuse me little people with a desire to eat human fingernails.


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Sep 12, 2005
Sadly, I think Alien is still on the outside...somewhere in Ohio. We closed down our insane asylums back in the 1970's to make society a kinder, gentler place and since that time our streets have been full of folks wandering around aimlessly, mumbling to themselves about guns, global warming and vertical compliance/lateral stiffness.

Just the other day I passed by a Sterno bum screaming obscenities and calling me a bigot! The nerve! He went into a tirade...something about professionals and loose spokes. It made no sense...but, did he ever?


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Jul 13, 2015
I don't know whether you are kidding or serious about this. Delusional jealousy. Yeah, I don't really get that one. I have seen it. I know this guy like you who does this. His wife left him for someone else.
The thing is that if you won't go get some help for this, which I don't blame you it's hard to really get help. The really important thing to do is figure out how to get yourself out of these delusional thought patterns. Stick with reality. When a thought comes in like this, change it, reverse it. Be nice to yourself say good things. She loves me and wouldn't do that. Drop the thought and replace it with a positive one.
Go towards the rational as much as possible. Even if you really feel it is lying to yourself. Because in the beginning in a way you are. You believe the delusional thoughts. Eventually they dissipate and you will not think of this nonsense any longer. If you are still with your wife you must talk to her face to face and apologize for your delusions. Say you will make a real conscious effort to believe her and that she loves you. Period. You need to do this to set things straight and just do it.
The thing is that really these thoughts and jealous comments are a strong movement towards making it happen. Take back the reality and own it. Influence it with good thoughts. The rest is destructive. Listen, no matter what even if it went or is going the way the story I told you did. You just have to trust and hope for the best. We can't control other people, but we can control ourselves. There is no need to add to it with thoughts and energy like this.

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