Every man's dream


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May 2, 2002
A man boards an airplane and takes his seat. As he settles in, he glances<br />up and sees a most beautiful woman boarding the plane. He soon realizes <br />she is heading straight towards his seat. A wave of nervous anticipation<br />washes over him. Lo and behold, she takes the seat right beside his.<br /><br />Eager to strike up a conversation, he blurts out, &quot;Business trip or<br />vacation?&quot;. <br />&quot;Nymphomaniac Convention in Chicago,&quot; she states.<br />Whoa!!! He swallows hard and is instantly crazed with excitement. Here's<br />the most gorgeous woman he has ever seen, sitting RIGHT next to him and<br />she's going to a meeting of nymphomaniacs! Struggling to maintain his<br />outward cool, he calmly asks, &quot;What's your business role at this<br />convention?&quot;<br /><br />&quot;Lecturer&quot;, she says. &quot;I use my experiences to debunk some of the popular<br />myths about sexuality.&quot; <br />&quot;Really,&quot; he says, swallowing hard, &quot;what myths are those?&quot;<br />&quot;Well,&quot; she explains, &quot;one popular myth is that African American men are<br />the most well-endowed when, in fact, it is the Native American Indian who<br />is most likely to possess that trait. Another popular myth is that French<br />men are the best lovers, when actually it is men of Greek descent.&quot;<br /><br />Suddenly, the woman becomes very embarrassed and blushes. &quot;I'm sorry,&quot;<br />she says, &quot;I shouldn't be discussing this with you, I don't even know your<br />name!&quot;.<br /><br />&quot;Tonto,&quot; the man says, as he extends his hand. &quot;Tonto Papadopoulos.&quot;

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