Everyones kung-fu fighting!

Highest score: 2424
For the wise man says
Your kung-fu is strong. Master Bruce move over, you is the high kicking sheznit.
Hahaha sheznit ;D

I'll try it tomorrow when I've got time.
My partner in crime that sits next to me here at work:

Highest score first try: 5082!

Try beating that!
Doh! it doesnt seem to work....can you guys still get to it?
must have caught them at the end of an outage cause it works fine hehe

aahh, not vely good! come to mastel fol lesson...
i teach you: wax on, wax off.. ;D
Bah!!!! 398....

For you the wise man says
You powers are failing old man, you are slow and your technique is sloppy like your mind.

I want a do over!!!!