Exceeding max tire pressure

Discussion in 'Clydesdales 200lb / 90kg + riders' started by Myosmith, Jul 15, 2011.

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    Apr 27, 2011
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    The tires I've been riding are Bontrager H4 Eco 26x1.5 which have a rated pressure range of 45-65 psi. I'm a Clyde at 230 lbs and ride mostly on pavement. The bike is a homebuilt hybrid. I find that I get the least rolling resistance and most comfortable feel of the road with a tire pressure of around 70-75 psi. With the increased load, I think I must be getting about the same contact patch as a lighter rider would get at 60-65 psi. The tire wear looks normal with a nice, wide contact band down the middle. Outside of possibly accelerated tire wear, is there any other problem running a tire at 10-15% over the rated pressure?

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    Aug 8, 2010
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    230lbs is not over loading the tire at 65psi. I would not go over 70psi.
    There is some risk for wheel damage due to the tires not giving
    when you hit small bumps.

    I have 26X1.5 Kenda slicks on an old ATB and 55psi is fine.
    I am about 210lbs.

    Air your tires to 65psi and ride through a puddle and see the
    tire track and the try 70/75 and see if there is really any great
    difference. You can just spray them with water if you want.