Excersing and commuting.

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    Hi :)

    I was on the road to losing weight (down 85 lbs from 300) and was about to purchase my first cyclocross bike about 2 years ago. Then I had an extremely bad knee injury which left me in a bad place for a while..

    Well now the 85lbs is back on so I sit right around 300lbs. Now I've done some searching online and everyone seems to say get a steel frame bike and a nice rim size that has about 38 spokes. From what I've seen I really don't see anything other than mountain bikes that are available however I'm really interested in cyclocross bikes as I want to commute to work, take it on the back trail.. but also be able to maneuvar on gravel areas / back road conditions.

    When looking at the specifications for the bike I'm not real sure what to look for and even tell if its a steel frame as its not literally written.. Could anyone provide some helpful hints/tips/leads to buying a good bike for a heavier guy like myself?