Excessive heart rate ?

Discussion in 'Cycling Training' started by DanDare, May 24, 2011.

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    It may sound & indeed be stupid but is it possible to work at too higher rate ?

    I completed a 12mile club TT this evening (a hilly 3x4mile circuit) & my average HR was 173, my max was 188.

    This was my highest recorded HR this year, i've done some 10TT's with av. HR of 168, max 181 & another with av. 169, max 185.

    I'm a 38 yr old male, cycle about 12 miles each day after work, these are timed & treated a bit like a daily TT.

    I weigh a slightly porky (only round the middle, lol) 193lbs, am 6ft & otherwise healthy.

    I didn't feel dizzy or have weird vision or anything, i just felt i was giving it absolutely
    110% ie, when i finished i was shattered !

    Is it possible to overwork over this sort of distance or, as long as i don't feel ill in any way i can assume it relatively safe to operate at these high HR's ?


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    Oct 6, 2003
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    Of course it is in the realm to over do it in a short distance depending on your present condition , temperature etc. I have darn near passed out on a 10 mile steep ride when it was hot.Heart rates vary for every individual. I wouldn't read much into it but if you are concerned see a physician.
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    If you have a good base of miles during the year then you can exceed yourself into those HRs.
    Senior riders beyond 40 or even beyond 50 years of age still compete every sunday in Master series events, distances become shorter but they still reach 80ish and 90ish % HR all the time,