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Discussion in 'Health and medical' started by Evon, Feb 25, 2004.

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    I find that exercise no matter what level only helps my BG for a while. I find that it I eat a
    little snack just before bedtime I don't get the dawn effect. I too travel a lot, my meals are
    sporadic at best and sometimes high carb. But, the real effect on BG is the lack of activity. Sit in
    car to airport, Sit in Airport, sit on plane, sit on shuttle or rental car, sit in meetings. Eat and
    go to bed. Get up sit in meeting until time to go home then sit,sit,sit,sit. Fun, Fun, Fun.

    This past weekend when I was in Tampa, I injected Humalog while people were in the room and no-one
    noticed. I had a suit jacket on and was facing the wall "looking" in my suitcase. So, if you have to
    go on insulin, you will become very creative.

    One thing I learned from this list, split you basal insulin injections. I take 30u at bedtime and
    20u at breakfast. 8 -10u of Humalog each meal and at bedtime. Got my A1C down to 8.3 from 13.2. I
    was following an internist advice and was dying. I listen to the post on this list and believed my
    meter. Much better results. Last week however, I was told I could not participate in the companies
    long term care policy because I was a diabetic.

    Good luck, insulin is not the end of the world.