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    Exercise Flexes Arteries

    Wednesday, July 16, 2003

    Wednesday, July 16 (HealthDayNews) -- Exercise can
    counteract the genetic risk of stiff arteries, says a new
    study of healthy female twins.

    A report on the findings appears in the July 16 issue of
    the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

    Artery stiffness is measured using something called the
    augmentation index. This is the first study to separate
    lifestyle, physical factors and genetic influences on the
    augmentation index, which has been shown to predict heart
    disease risk and death.

    By using twins in their study, the researchers were able
    to exclude genetic effects when they were investigating
    the association between arterial stiffness and lifestyle
    factors. The use of twins also let the researchers
    determine the different effect that a specific lifestyle
    variable had on people with different genetic risks.

    The study included 53 pairs of identical twins, 262 pairs
    of fraternal twins and 54 singletons whose twin was
    excluded from the study or had incomplete data.

    To calculate the augmentation index in each study
    subject, the researchers measured pressure waveforms in
    arteries in the arms. The twins were also weighed and
    measured to determine their body mass indexes and body

    The study found that being fat around the waist ("apple
    shape") was associated with a higher augmentation index
    compared to being fat mostly below the waist ("pear
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