Expensive Road Bike Helmets, A Marketing Scam?

I think I should pay the extra 200 Euro for the super fast drying straps helmet...

Not only I would save 2grams (it would be 4g but my sweat is liquid carbon), but the dry reflective straps would be mucho mucho safer according to "Mad Max's Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute".

My Bell one was only rated with the "Stunt Man Mike's Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute" as "Deathproof Plus" (CPSC)

My new Specialized one is rated as "Trioxin-245 Bring You Back To Life +++" (CPSC aaand SNELL) and for 80 Euro it fits much better. Kinda like the look too.

But for 280 eurozzz I could get the fast drying straps...

Maybe should join that psychiatric hospital patients sponsored team... But they are Crazy-Fast!!! :D

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