Experience with bontrager hd hardcase tires?


Jan 26, 2018
My Trek Verve 2 came with Bontrager HD tires which have been fine so far but wondering about the Hardcase version. Anyone ever try them? I assume they're supposed to be more puncture resistant than the regular HD's?
Hardcase tires are among the leading most puncture resistant tires on the market, if not having flats concerns you the most then those are great tires as are a few others like Conti Gatorskin, Conti Gator Hardshell (another step up in puncture resistance from the Gatorskin with tougher sidewalls), Specialized Armadillo All Condition Pro and the Maxxis Re-Fuse.

Keep in mind that these more puncture resistant tires are heavier than normal training tires, and they are usually more difficult to mount on a rim then normal training tires, but that's the price you have to pay for reducing flats to almost zero during the tire's lifetime. If you find the tires too difficult to mount there are two tools that will help you out a lot to make the job somewhat easier, first one is a tool called the VAR Tyre lever ( https://www.sjscycles.co.uk/tools/var-tyre-levers/?geoc=US ), discard the single lever it's too wide for road tires, and make sure you read the instructions on how to use it. The second tool is the Soma steel core tire levers ( https://www.amazon.com/Soma-Tire-Lever-Steel-Core/dp/B001MRYMXQ ), these are the strongest tire levers on the market and they won't break no matter how cold it gets either. Then what you do is use the Soma levers first and put on as much of the tire as you can, usually leaving about 3 inches or so of the tire you can't do (make sure you're not pinching the tube between the tire and rim as you do mount the tire), then use the VAR as per the instructions and snap on the last section. If you see the tube is between the tire and the rim you can use the lever after you got the VAR in position and push the tube with the lever back inside the tire then use the VAR to finish up.

ALSO to make the tire installation a bit easier first getting the tire warm (like leaving them in a car in the sun with the windows rolled up), not oven hot just real warm (if the tires are steel beaded this won't work but it does work for folding tires), then dust your tube with baby powder or talic; then use soapy water and get the tire a bit juiced up but be careful not to get the soapy water inside the rim.