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    Of Exploding Unicycles and Men, by David Stone

    On my ride home up Flatbush Avenue two Fridays past, I heard and felt my
    tire explode. Since this happened to my 29” unicycle, the explosion was
    particularly loud. When a tire explodes you first feel yourself shrink a
    couple inches and then you decelerate really really quickly (this has
    happened to me before). And since I was going top speed (probably about 15
    mph), I didn’t have a chance to land standing. I didn’t see my life flash
    before my eyes, but I did think, “Uh-oh, I guess I won’t have a chance to
    land standing, so I guess I’ll be rolling this one out. I hope I don’t
    tear my pants.”

    As soon as I hit the ground in my tuck position, I heard someone scream,
    “Omygod!” She apparently thought I’d been shot, and afterwards, while I
    was cel-phoning my wife, people told me that they thought I’d been killed.
    In fact, I’d only sustained four minor or middling injuries: a bruised
    left hand, a sore left wrist, a scraped outer elbow (from sliding in my
    tucked position), and a tiny scrape on my left knee. Even my pride was
    unharmed, since the accident wasn’t my fault. And I’ve been riding too
    long (and messing up in public too much) to feel embarrassed about falling
    after a tire explosion.

    I later learned that this particular tire was recalled by Nanoraptor
    because it was prone to rips in the outer rim, confirming what I’d heard
    from the man at the bike store. Apparently the inner-tube had gotten
    pinched by the rim and the tire, and when I turned slightly while going up
    a tiny ramp, it popped.

    Two weeks later my left wrist is the only injury that still hurts, but
    it’s getting better. I’ve had to ride my Coker to work, but that’s turned
    out to be rather enjoyable because the ride is faster. And I installed
    longer cranks, and they make sidewalk riding much safer (for the

    I should add that I wasn't eating sushi at the time of the explosion, or
    talking on my cel phone, or even riding against traffic. Sometimes bad
    things happen to safe riders.

    David Stone

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    David Stone wrote:
    > *I should add that I wasn't eating sushi at the time of the explosion,
    > or talking on my cel phone, or even riding against traffic.*

    The question that has to be asked is... would it have still happened if
    you had been?

    My 29er tyre exploded the other day, but while being pumped up rather
    than ridden on. Having it happen while riding sounds like brown trousers
    time... :-/


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    That reminds me of when someone opened a car door on me while riding my
    10 speed.

    1. My front tire hit the inside door panel.
    2. I flew over the top of the door.
    3. I did an unintentional forward flip.
    4. Landed it sitting on the asphalt hands under my butt.

    During #2, I heard a loud "gasp" from a croud of 30 or so theater goers
    on the sidewalk where the car was parked illegally dropping off someone.
    Everything was 'slowmo'.

    I had 5 people backing me up, when the owner of the car started yelling
    about damage to his car.

    My front wheel needed replacement, and I needed a pitcher of beer. :D

    I commend you on your 'instinctual' reflex during your incident.


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