Exploring a new trail network.


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Mar 30, 2007
Last week while on the trails in my backyard I came across another rider and we stopped and chatted for a bit. He had asked if I had ever ridden the trails in the next town over. I didn't even know there was a State Forrest with trails where he was telling me to go. I drive by that area everyday when I go to work and never knew about it. He said the last couple of years they have been building a lot of trails and I should check it out. So I go check it out yesterday and had a blast and came back again today to explore for a tad over 3 hours. I'm really excited to explore and learn the trail network throughout this area over the summer. The best part is it's only about 10 miles from my house.
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=66qMrYABEYY