External Bottom Bracket (FSA Mega Quad)


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Dec 8, 2010
Hi guys, I recently bought a frame with an external bottom bracket- FSA Mega Quad. I know how to install it but I am not sure how to install the spindle for the crank set.

Please help and thanks
AFAIK, the FSA MegaQuad is not an "external" BB ...

Post a picture of what you have -- the Crankset AND the Bottom Bracket.
It could be this one. Mega Exo QUAD MTB BB-7550 Bottom Bracket Cup Set
Originally Posted by davereo .

It could be this one. Mega Exo QUAD MTB BB-7550 Bottom Bracket Cup Set
Oh, I see ...

Thanks for posting the picture -- if I weren't living-in-the-past & currently wedded to an Octalink crankset on my antiquated MTB, I might be keen to get one of those ([COLOR= #808080]now that I know that they exist![/COLOR]) ... if I had a bike with an [COLOR= #ff0000]83mm[/COLOR] ([COLOR= #808080]!?![/COLOR]) wide BB [COLOR= #808080]¿[/COLOR]shell[COLOR= #808080]?[/COLOR], that is ... unless, that's the total width between the outer faces of the cups.

But, the original query seems peculiar -- doesn't it? -- UNLESS he (sopel) doesn't already have the crankset in hand.

  • all cranksets use specific BB-types, and vice-versa; so, presumably he wants a MegaExo crankset ...
  • unless that particular BB is part of a proprietary system (e.g., a Mega Exo II system) ,[COLOR= #008000] the spindle should already be attached to the driveside crankarm of the MegaExo crankset[/COLOR]
  • FSA MegaExo & SHIMANO Hollowtech II are interchangeable
oh yeah! I get it now :) Thanks a lot people- now I know what i need to buy :)

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