Extra long seatpost skewer?


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Oct 22, 2004
Looking to connect a rear rack. I've read all the threads in all the forums on this topic, but I still think the most sensible thing is to connect the rack arms to the seatpost clamp. I tried to make my own longer seatpost skewer by threading a wheel skewer down far enough to cut it off and use as a seatpost skewer, but the rod is obviously made of hardened steel since my threading die wouldn't cut threads in it. It completely stuck after about 3-4 turns beyond the existing threads. I suppose that I could go to a machinist and get it done, but the solution of a longer seatpost skewer seems too obvious for no one to have done it by now.

Since I needed to use the rack last fall, I improvised an made a seatpost collar that got the job done for that ride, but I'd like to do it differently the next time.

So what is the product that you are aware of?


Apr 13, 2004
We have many long ones available here in Aus, can you post a pix of yours? ;)