EZ-3 Trainer?



Anybody here ever use an EZ-3 with some kind of trainer? I could block the rear up so the tires
clear the floor, but there would be virtually no resistance. Would the 20 inch wheels fit a
roller system?

I was thinking of trying to cobble up something from steel wood-shop rollers that hold boards for
rable saws, etc., with a belt drive to a fan. But I doubt the bearings would hold up.

Failing all that, I guess I could just get an el-cheapo recumbent exercise bike from X-mart.

BTW my old Cycle-Ops wind trainer works well with the 26 inch wheel on my T-Bolt since I filed off
the plastic stop on the fan unit pivot. Apparently the stop was there to keep the unit from flopping
forward and getting in the way when attaching the bike to the trainer.

Thanks Jerry