F/S: Brand New Segway X2 Golf and i2 @ cheaper rate


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Jun 5, 2011
Email: [email protected] Price: 2000USD Tel: +447045791591 QUOTE: Brand New Segway X2 Golf @ 2,000USD Brand New Segway i2 @ 1,700USD Delivery by FedEx .... 3 to 5days The Segway x2 Golf is also equipped with a couple of golf-specific accessories to enhance your golfing experience. The golf bag carrier attachment, for example, secures your golf bag to the x2, yet still allows for easy dismount and club access while playing. In addition, the x2 includes a scorecard holder that keeps your scorecard, golf balls, and tees readily accessible. And as a final bonus, the x2 Golf puts you well above the greens, giving you a terrific perspective on the various breaks and dips. So do away with clunky carts and get mobile on the course with the Segway x2 Golf. Specifications: * Tires: 8 inches wide * Max speed: 12.5 miles per hour * Range: Up to 14 miles or 36 holes * Footprint: 21 by 33 inches * Weight: 120 pounds