F/S: Campy front hub, 28 hole, used

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    I rebuilt a Mavic CXP-12 wheel and no longer need the hub that was
    replaced. It is a Campy 28 hole front hub, but I don't know what
    gruppo. It was built into the CXP-12 wheel 2x and used for less than
    1,000 miles. The condition is very good, with a scuff on the QR lever
    and expected deformation near the spoke holes. I also have the 28
    spokes that were used in this wheel - Spocalc suggests that the
    correct length is 287 mm, but the ones I used - by measurement from
    threaded end to the center of the spoke head - are 283 mm. Pictures
    available on request. I'm asking $25 plus actual shipping, OBO. That
    includes the spokes, but no nipples.


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