F/sale: 100% Original Segway i2,Segway X2,X2 GOLF PT


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Apr 10, 2013
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We Sell Brand New Segway Packed And Sealed In Manufacture Box With 1 Year International Warranty From Manufacture Company

Our products are brand New factory sealed as they are OEM manufactured with 24 months warranty and 6 months insurance return policy.

Product Features:
* Maximum speed:12.5 mph / 20 km/h
* Carrying capacity:260 lbs / 118 kg
* Footprint:19 x 25 in / 48 x 63 cm
* Weight:105 lbs / 47.7 kg
* Battery type:Two Saphion lithium-ion battery packs
* Battery range:Up to 24 miles / 38 km Devending on terrain and riding style.
* Motors:Two brushless, DC servomotors
* Wheels:14 in / 35 cm Glass-reinforced thermoplastic
* Tires:19 in / 48 cm Puncture-resistant tire
* Platform height:8 in / 21 cm
* Ground clearance:3 in / 7.6 cm
* Display:Wireless infokey controller
* Warranty : 2 Year international warranty.

E-mail: [email protected]
SKYPE: sell2buyer

Segway i180 Human Transporter..... $2000
Segway I2 White Worldwide...... $2300
Segway i2 Cargo……………$2250 USD
Segway x2…$2,400 USD
Segway X2 Golf…$2800 USD
Segway i2 Commuter…………$2300 USD
Segway i2 Personal Transporter….$2600 USD
Red Segway I2 New with Custom Red Handle..$2000USD
Segway XT Cross-Terrain Transporter..$2000 USD
Segway Pt I2 Extras Spare Tire And X2 Conversion Kit..$2,600 USD
Segway Pt I2 Ferrari Limited Edition..$4000 USD
Segway Pt X2 With Extras Warranty…$2,400 USD
Segway X2 Golf Turf 0 Miles Sealed Express…$2,400 USD
Segway X2 Adventure Fedex W/ Light Rack Bag Extras…$2500 USD
Custom Polished & Black Segway I2 W/ Custom Rims…$3000 USD

Item comes with the following accessories
* Handlebar Bag, Black
* i2 Lower Cargo Frame Kit (2)
* Universal Cargo Plate Kit (2)
* Segway Hard Side Case & Structure (2)
* Accessory Bar Kit
* Comfort Mat (2)
* LED Tail Light
* Light Kit (Front and Rear)
* Security Reflectivity
* Segway Reflectivity
* Off Board Charger
* Tool-less Release
* Segway Lock Kit
* Color Trim Kit, i2, Black
* Color Trim Kit, x2 Black
* Lithium ion Battery Kit (1)
* Info Key – Programmed

Place of Origin: United States Of America
Shipping Company :FedEx,UPS & DHL Delivery Time:3-5 Days and it will deliver to you at your doorstep.

No delay, No extra charges, Delivery to any location all over the world

E-mail: [email protected]
SKYPE: sell2buyer