FA: 1994 Bridgestone RB-1 Fire Red w/ BOB saddle/Dura Ace/Hi-E Hubs


Floyd Thursby

Just a beautiful fire engine red classic quad butted Bridgestone RB-1. With
Bridgestone water bottle, HI-E Hubs, Dura Ace and rare BOB Saddle.


Ebay item: 7124361909

A few minor nicks here and there touched up. Pretty hard to spot. Here are
the details:

a.. Dimensions: Top Tube 23" Seat Tube 23"
b.. Brooks Ultra Rare Bob (Bridgestone Owners Bunch) saddle
c.. HI-E Hubs front and rear
d.. Shimano Dura Ace 7 speed downtube shifters (indexed or free) rear
12x28 front 53x?
e.. Suntour Cyclone Brakes
f.. Suntour Superbe levers with gum hoods
g.. Rivendell Rolly Polly front tire (for cushioning)
h.. Michelin Rear Tire
i.. Dura Ace cranks
j.. Ulra Rare Bridgestone Bottle
k.. Nitto Technomatic Stem
l.. Mavic MA-3 Custom Built Rims
m.. Rivendell Canvas Pouch
n.. Compass
o.. Sylvan MKS pedals w/ Ale leather straps