FA: Campagnolo corkscrew NEW campy wine crank

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    "Big" Campagnolo Cork Screw

    Brand new, never used,in original packaging (decorated wooden display
    box). Colour is Antique Bronze.
    "The Campagnolo corkscrew faithfully reflects the genius of
    its inventor, Tullio Campagnolo . . . The patented system
    of the telescopic self-aligning cover always places the
    screw in the central part of the cork. The large screw in
    hardened steel with a wide and sharp profile provides
    maximum grip on the cork and the two large levers enable
    the corks to be pulled out of bottles of the finest
    vintages without disturbing the sediments that are typical
    of such wines. These technical features and the use of the
    finest raw materials have made this corkscrew a must, a
    symbol of genius that is recognized throughout the world."
    -Campagnolo website