FA: discreet khaki/tan shoulder bag

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    on offer is a super functional shoulder bag. it's somewhat like a
    messenger bag, but not quite so boxy and more low-profile to work
    better when you're on the move.

    excellent condition. exterior is khaki/tan colored super durable nylon
    with black accents. lined with contrasting black nylon material.
    features lots of handy pockes and pouches to store stuff - both inside
    and out. the exterior that rides against your back is padded
    high-durability nylon.

    overall dimension: width along bottom is ~16" and total height of the
    storage compartment is ~20". of course the shoulder strap is fully

    dont miss this chance to pick up a super functional shoulder bag that
    doesnt advertise to the world what sorts of expensive goods you have
    inside. great for photographers hiking in the back-country or across
    town. also great for cyclist to tote your gear after a ride or race.
    heck, this is even great to haul books to class or papers to the

    tons of pictures!