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    If you live for extremely tight and technical single track, this bike will
    make you hum a tune as you ride this steed down your favorite trail.

    Fat City hand-built frames are now some of the most sought after steel
    frames and a "rideable collector's item", since the company shut down a few
    years ago.

    I've ridden it from the muddy roots of the east coast, to the rocky
    technical trails of Colorado, to the never ending slick rock of Moab. With
    the shock suspension seat post, you get the best of both worlds: An
    extremely responsive and light steel frame that literally jumps out from
    under you when you jam on the pedals, but also one that you can sit down on
    when the ride gets bumpy.

    The bike has been very well maintained (full blown overhauls each year) with
    no major crashes and nothing bent or out of alignment.

    With the light wheelset and carbon handlebars (and bar ends), this bike is
    extremely light.

    The drivetrain is all XT and XTR with Mavic Ceramic rims and a Chris King
    headset. The White Brothers shock has been well maintained with an overhaul
    every year and a half.

    I've looked down the seat tube for rust (as some people have mentioned this
    is a spot where it can occur) but there is nothing but grease. There is a
    little wear on the paint job in the typical spots (chainstay, under bottom
    bracket), but as you can see from the photos, it's in excellent shape for a
    bike of this age (1998).

    I'm in no hurry to sell this bike, so please no low-ball offers.

    Thanks for reading, and good luck bidding!

    P.S. If you want to read everything about this bike, go here (85 whopping
    reviews of the Yo Eddy!)