FA:Graal Fyol, Thermal tights, Cinelli 1/R Stem

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    Rudy, Rudy Rudy. This is an auction for two sets of Rudy Project Graal
    Fyol lenses. Only work with the glasses of the same name. Don't know
    how to pronounce the name, but the lenses work great. I used clear at
    night and orange for overcast or rainy days. Lost the glasses these
    went to, so my loss is your gain. I think these sell for $40 or so a
    set, but I have no clue. If you need them, here they are. Happy

    This is a pair of Giordana Thermal Bib Tights. Size 3 or Medium. There
    are stirrups for the feet, and a zipper above the waist. I think they
    called the material thermax at the time, but the sobriquet we used was
    "scuba gear." Shiny on one side, brushed and textured on the other.
    High tech, early 90s style. The distance from the bottom of the stirrup
    to the crotch is about 32". My waist is 30-31, and I'd say there's room
    for stretch there. Bibs fit me well at 5'9", and I think there's some,
    not much, upward room. The material does stretch, but it doesn't
    stretch like lycra.

    The classic Patagonia Lightweight Standup short. Timeless design. Comfy
    and practical. These shorts are in khaki and organic cotton. The tag
    says "30", but I measure it slightly under, like 29.5 inches around. 5"
    inseam. I bought these on eBay and they were too tight around the waist
    for me. In terms of condition, the only sign of use I see is that one
    of the tags is ripped. Otherwise, they're almost pristine.

    Cinelli 1/R 110mm stem. Missing Expander bolt, expander plug, as well
    as bolt and hardware to tighten the bar to the stem. I wish I still had
    all that; don't know why I don't. More importantly, this is a rare link
    to the cool days when aero was new and funky. All the greats rode with
    this stem. Merckx, Hinault, Fignon, LeMond, and more. The stem was
    never the most functional, but it was oh-so-cool to look at. bears
    marks of use.