FA: NOS Shimano 600EX Brakeset -- "Smoke" Anodized

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    Continuing to clear the bike swag out of the garage...

    On auction now I have a 1980's vintage Shimano 600 EX brakeset thar is
    brand new, still in its original box and shows no shopwear of any kind.
    600EX was one notch below Shimano's pro-level Dura-Ace group and one
    notch above 105 -- basically 600EX was renamed Ultegra at some point in
    the 90's. The kit includes all the original bits -- calipers w/ shoes
    and wheel guides, slotted brake levers, housing with clear casing,
    cables and ferrels. The calipers and brake levers are anodized a
    really nice "smoke" color. The anodize treatment gives a very late
    80's tech look that hasn't gotten old at all, while the slotted levers
    lend a cool vintage look. The calipers are particularly svelte, as
    opposed to the chunky look of most dual pivot calipers today. Other
    stats: calipers reach is 39 - 49, recessed allen mounting, QR is
    infinitely variable cam type, levers are non-aero type. Box has the
    original price sticker still on it from Jerry's Schwinn in Livonia, MI
    for $99.95. That's a good chunk of change in 1987 dollars!!

    See it here: