FA: Waterford RS 22 62 c-t frame, matching carbon fork, low reserve

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    I'm selling a Waterford RS22 frame and custom painted-to-match Time
    carbon threaded fork. Paint is a Waterford custom of cobalt blue over
    pace car blue. It is a size 62 c-t seat tube and 59 c-c top tube. A
    couple more details for those of you wanting to get the bars up high:

    Headtube measures in at 185 mm. Fork steerer measures in at 240 mm.

    Angles are a bit relaxed and chainstays a bit longer than standard road geometry. Comes with FSA
    threaded Orbit X headset and a matched headset spacer.

    Frame is a combo of True Temper OX Platinum and Reynolds 853.

    Frame has about 500 miles of riding on it. I own a few bikes so none gets a ton of riding. This
    frame is in quite fine condition. There is a bit of a mark where the front derailleur band wrapped
    around the seat tube. This would be hidden by the next derailleur install. On the inside of the non-
    drive side chain stay there are couple of small marks from where the wheel rubbed once. This would
    not be visible with wheel installed. This spot has been nicely touched with the factory paint and
    clear and rubbing compound and wax. Otherwise the paint is basically as new.

    A photo of the built up bike can be seen at: I am selling frame, fork and headset only.


    The dimensions of the current version of the RS 22 can be seen at the Waterford site. I think the
    only difference between my 2 year old RS and the current version is the bb drop dimension. I believe
    mine is 7.


    Waterford sells frame only for $1600.

    I am selling frame, fork, and headset with a reserve that is less than half the frame-only price
    from Waterford.

    Please email me off board with your interest or your questions.