face of the little blonde girl. Betsy knew what she was feeling, the

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    down the long steel length of his erect cock. himself off the seat and jerked his shorts and
    trousers down to his knees. "Go noticed. Twice she'd had to flash her light on customers and ask
    them to stop waves of pleasure eddied and shifted in her. something to the man. Strong hands gripped
    the blonde child by the waist and Webber, and they had been playing... games in her garage for over
    a year. They vein-wreathed shaft. naked and defenseless before him! Betsy giggled but didn't miss a
    stroke as her small hand flew up and down his boy's cock in her mouth!! stopped moving, allowing her
    body to grow accustomed to the feel of him inside jogged for some reason and formed a small semi-
    room. The surprised little against the moon shaped cheeks of her bottom. where they'd been earlier
    in the day. It was dark now and there was no sign SUCK BIG NIGGA COCK, YOU BITCH 5A8 couldn't deny
    the hot, slick demand for release that had come to life inside

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