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I'd be interested to know who goes cycling with their kids.

Over here in the UK we have Sustrans (sustainable Transport) which is a Group that is dedicated to building a cycle only network of roads around the country, and as far as I'm concerned they are doing a great job. It enables me and my family (wife and two kids) to go cycling on excellent roads with no fear of traffic.

Our favourite trek involves taking the bikes on a train (no charge) to the end of the local line then cycling home. 18miles (29 kms I think) which is not bad for my youngest who is seven years old

So are there any others ?
No way, that's too dangerous here in SA. Especially in the big cities. I cannot even take my kids to school on their bikes, and that is only 2km's from our house!
I've seen Sustrans mentioned in a magazine or two. Sounds
great - they've done wonders for cycling in the U.K. Apparently one can cycle clear across, east to west, on the cycle path. I assume Sustrans is a nationwide body. Here we have different approaches, and thus different bike paths, from state to state. Then the local councils give us what they think we need. The result sometimes is a 'network' of bikepaths that don't link up. 'Though our newer paths in Melbourne are very good. And our Rail Trails are slowly increasing.

The Folding Society's site was the place to go to for info. on
train travel with bicycles.

We too are a cycling family, though not my wife so much. I generally take one of the children on a short local ride, or farther afield on a ride with a club, scout group, etc.
Willie , Yes you can go from Coast to Coast but that is up in north England. What interest's me more is the North-South Route through Wales.

I've had a chat with some of my mates recently (a small amount of alcohol was involved) and there may be a chance that we'll give it a go.

We realise that none of us are getting any younger and if we don't give it a go in the next year or so then we may have missed out on a good experience.

I have met some who have done it and they couldn't recommend it enough.
No kids fortunately so the only babysitting I do is when i ride with ladies because it's not safe for them to train on their own. ;D
Lazarus - This north/south route - would it be very hilly? Sounds like it would be at right angles to the mountain ranges.
How about a bike route that would take in those castles which
King Edward I (?) had built across North Wales? Might be good for tourists.

Big business here lately, organising outback cycle tours. The longer tours are expensive. I'd like to do one of those shorter tours through the wineries, hic, though getting home may be a problem.

Had to go without a family ride yesterday, (Sunday 18th), owing to the rain and high winds. Had a new tandem frame built last year, my first tandem. With 20 inch (406) wheels & a 3 X 7 hub, and with hopes of getting out a bit more with my wife. Too bad, the family budget can't cope with the cost of new parts! Quelle tradegie. Maybe next year.
Willie , As you know the tougher the hill is to climb , the more satisfaction you get from reaching the top.

A pub crawl whilst on our bikes has been mentioned before , but as of yet we haven't managed to combine the bikes and the pub crawl together on the same day. We have managed to do both separately though. ;D

Sean   :p ;D
My wife and son and I go cycling in Sacramento California that has an excellent paved 30 mile bicycle path along the American River. We are each at widely different fitness levels, though, so we accomodate the differences.

I will get into my pace which leaves my son and wife behind at their own pace. We meet up when I take a long rest. This way I can do intense intervals with sufficient rest and they can practise their spin and bicycle technique. It works out well for us that way.:)
I ride with my wife and daughter here in rural Oregon - the countryside is quite nice and views are grand - I sure do love the country this time of year. I've been putting in the miles this summer before the rains start. Then it's back to riding the trainer.
Absolutely. Our 7 yr old's outside limit is about 30 kms but given the much smaller size of her wheels, I think that's a fantastic effort. We're looking at tandem/kid-back/half bike options for touring next summer.
Our girls are a bit young to be doing serious cycling (4 and 6), but I have enticed my wife back on the road with excellent results.

We solved the disparity in capability by getting an older Cannondale tandem. It's interesting to note that she's just getting started, I'm a fair cyclist, but the two of us together on the tandem are faster than either of us individually. It has been a lot of fun.

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