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Paying for fantasy cycling.

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Mar 23, 2003
am currently designing a fantasy cycling game of my own. my plans are to make it more dynamic and interesting than many of the other games available on the internet today. i am using a variety of web technologies to achieve my desired result, i won't go into detail about those because it may confuse many of you and scare you off. being that i am an out of work computer programmer, i felt that i could combine two things i love doing, cycling and computers, while remaining productive. anyway, i would like to find out how lets say a $1 fee per team would affect your willingness to participate in the game. in all likelihood it will end up being free, but being that i am putting a great deal of time into this, it wouldn't be wrong of me to ask for a small donation from each person. this donation could, of course, be made optional. i'll post the url at the end of the msg. my email is: [email protected], any comments or suggestions are welcome. note that the site is not anywhere near completion yet but a demo may be arranged during the spring classics campaign.



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May 19, 2003
i suggest you make it free the first year just to get the bugs out. if it is a hit then charge double digits next year.

the trouble i have seen with other fantasy games is coming up with a good rider price list.

for a year long game owners could do a draft at the begining of the season and teams could be awarded points for wins, finishes, jerseys, uci rankings, etc...

i play fantasy football and hang out with a bunch of dorks here. i know there are a few cycling fans amoung them and you may get some feedback.

creating the ultimate fantasy football format is what it is all about so why not do the same for cycling?