Farfel and Mushrooms

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> >>Paraphrasing The Second Avenue Deli's recipe from their cookbook:
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> >>Farfel and Mushrooms

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> > (recipe snipped)
> > I can only surmise how delicious it would be if I'd had the farfel and
> > didn't need to substitute orzo pasta. Pics and details are on my
> > website. <I blush for embarrass>

> Farfel used to be sold in little boxes, just as the rest of the
> noodles, in the kosher section of every supermarket.
> After the experience I had with the Egg Bowties last month, I was less
> surprised when I could not find Farfel, either when I looked for it
> today. Finally I found weird little cellophane packages with Egg
> Barley, one from Streit's and one from an Israeli company.
> Orzo is nothing like Farfel, who are tiny pieces of egg noodles, baked
> or dried and are like tiny Fleckerln. No self respecting Farfel would
> ever try to look like a grain of rice.

I found Manischewitz egg bow ties at my Cub today, but no farfel.
http://www.jamlady.eboard.com, updated 12-8-05, My Farfel-less
Farfel with Mushrooms. Jeez!

The Bubbo

Melba's Jammin' wrote:

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>> My friend Jessi is married to an Eguptian dude. She gets invited to all

>> big cooking get togethers and the old Muslim women (mostly Egyptian in this
>> case, but from lots of other places as well) go crazy trying to teach the
>> american girl how to cook things. In turn, Jessi has taught me a few things

>> well.
>> The Egyptian kufta were long and narrow and cooked on a skewer. I met the

>> who made them for the buffet and apparently he is well known in his circle

>> his kufta, his eggplant something or other with tomato and garlic, and
>> something else that I don't remember but happily ate.

> Ever been to Holy Land deli/restaurant/grocery store on Lowry & Central
> NE? One gyro platter serves 2 easily.

not in double+ a million years, I need to go again.
oh, and the egyptian buffet is at Marina's in Columbia Heights, couple blocks
south of 694 on central. I went during Ramadan and it was crazy busy, I'm sure
it's quieter now.