Fastest Trike

Jim Steed

New Member
Dec 8, 2014
Florida & North Carolina
Who makes the fastest trike or what modifications can I make on a trike to make it faster?
I'm riding a Scott CR1 Elite carbon fiber bike with a 12 -32 for the mountains & considering a trike for riding comfort ( wrist, neck & back issues ) but concerned about speed & hill climbing ability - along with the visibility issue.
I spend 6 months in SW Florida -flat & windy & 6 months in NW North Carolina in the mountains by the Blue Ridge Parkway & Mt. Mitchell.
Got any suggestions?


Oct 18, 2004
This forum is pretty dead, mostly due to mod neglect in the past. Everyone moved away when the spammers moved in. You'd have better luck going over to to ask questions. I'll try, but I'm not a trike person.

Velos are the fastest trikes. But they're heavy - 60 - 75 pounds is normal. That'd be great for Florida but no so much for the mountains of N Carolina. My buddy has turned out a 3:36 flat century with his Quest velomobile. He gets bored hanging back with me when I'm doing 23 mph. You can do a youtube search for "60 mph in quest velomobile" and see a video where he passes me (doing 45 at the time) like I was standing still.

For fast regular trikes, all things are relative. Windcheetah, Catrike 700, and maybe some ICE models go okay. You can get a general idea by looking for reclined seating and big gear-inches stock. I don't know of any fast trikes that have 20" drive wheels. Removing fenders and covering all the spokes would be my first step in modding a standard trike.