Fastest way to stop flu


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Feb 13, 2002

It's less than three weeks away from the Argus, did all the right training and suddenly my heart rate is elevated in the mornings, I struggle a bit on group rides (heart rate is very high) and my lungs is burning with some flem. I'm sure this is the start of flu but how do I kill this as fast as possible. I took the right amount of vitamin C and other important vitamins through the year but now how do I kill this thing. More vitamin C? What do you guys do?

hmmm, I'm no doctor, but I think the best thing would be to get lots of rest. Hammering your body now will only make it weaker.
Don't overdose on VitC, as this can lead to headaches and mild diarrhea. Maybe get yourself a tonic to boost your immune system. Keep well hydrated too.

I try and avoid situations that could trigger problems. Air-conditioners that run all day are a pet hate of mine. If it seems like rainy or cold weather, I stay off the road.
It's bad getting hit at this time of year Cadence. My wife is a nurse and she always tells me the following:

1. Rest, Rest and more Rest. (It works, my brother-in-law rested for 4 weeks before doing the Comrades and he finished in 9:45).
2. Don't take to much Vit. C. Your body only uses what it needs and you loose the rest through urine.
3. If you want to ride do the following:
a) Avoid early morning/late night rides as the air is cold and can agrivate the condition.
b) If you really feel the need to cycle, do it at a very low intensity, but it would be best to refrain until you can see that you are getting better.
4) Do not take any anti-histamine that you don't know and then go on the road. This might impair your judgement (you might get drowsy, etc, etc) and you might get hurt.
5) Try to keep the temprature around you as constant as possible. Don't go from a hot office to a cold car, etc.
6) If the cold really hits you badly, the best would be to go and see a doctor. If need be I can give you a contact number for a doctor that does sports medicine (he has helped me a lot)!

Good luck, let's hope you get better!
Personally, I just ride irrespective of the 'flu or anything else, and just drink a stupidly excessive amount of water (something I normally do anyway because I love the stuff). I avoid medication fanatically, and I must say I haven't had an illness serious enough to stop me from riding in the last 10 years.
Do what Chris_L says... drink a load of water... constantly sip it during the day.  Also, when I feel a cold/flu coming on, I do something which sounds totally ridiculous:  Garlic.  Eat an entire clove if you feel like it... how you eat it is another thing... you can't eat it raw as it tastes disgusting so I just lightly cook it in a bit of olive oil and throw it on a cheese sandwich.  Sounds disgusting I know, the thought of eating an entire clove, but do it 2 or 3 days in a row and see if you notice a difference.  FYI - I haven't had a rotten cold or the flu since I started doing this about 5 years ago.
Hi Guys

Two weeks before the ARGUS it hit me too. I ALWAYS carry an emergency kit, very simple. 3000 mg of Scorbex tablets (vit C), Four Degoran tablets and a few Strepsink tablets.

What follows now is VERY IMPORTANT!!! At the slightest onset of a runny nose, irritation of the throat or any other indication immediately slam the virus with at least 2000mg of Scorbec, drink two Degorans and suck a Strepsink. Also start drinking a lot of water. It is important to hydrate properly. Follow this every four hours with 500mg Scorbex and two Degorans. Suck a Strepsink evrey two hours and drink a lot of water.

It works for me. I normally do not even go beyond the firts "overdose" and verything is gone. It is very important NOT to waste any time. This seems to be the answer.

I have also taken a Multivitamin every morning for the past six years and this seems to help in increasing my immunity against winter nasties.

Keep those wheels spinning and the sniffles away!!!!

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All this talk of multivitamins and tablets... Am I missing something? OK, it might just be because I live in Queensland, but I almost never get sick. I haven't had an illness that has caused me physical discomfort while cycling in years. Even the minor ones that I've had seem to disappear if I drink a heap of water and go on a long ride.

Am I just lucky or is there something in this?