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Shame noone has taken me up on a fascinating research item.
What is the average weight loss per day with total fasting
plus combined with marathon running. Is it what I am
guessing of 3 lbs per day or 1 to 2 kg per day?

Some weeks ago I posted about my weight of 156 lbs and that
I was going to drop it down to 137 to 140 lbs. Today I am
still at 145 lbs but had lost some 11 lbs in 2 weeks.

I found out another important advice tip. If anyone wants to
lose weight seriously then they should see if they can Fast.
Which is my method. But what I had failed to factor in on
the day I decided to lose weight was that my freezer and my
refrigerator were still chuck full of good food to eat such
as Ben&Jerry ice creams and cheesecakes and carrot cakes and
pizzas and tenderloins. I could not discard them so I
decided that I would slowly eat them up and never buy
anything new at grocery stores and until I emptied out the
freezer and refrigerator that I could not commit myself
totally to this Fasting diet.

I am glad to announce that my freezer is now empty and my
refrigerator is getting sparse also. And so by tomorrow I
can commit myself fully to Fasting or semiFasting and drop
my weight considerably in a matter of days and 1 week.

The logics are these:

(1) if you cannot Fast then you cannot really lose weight
and the only answer for you is to stay Fat or have a
surgery of the gut.

(2) if you want to Fast, then you must empty the freezer and
refrigerator or make the available food sparse. So
sparse that when you feel in the mood to eat but should
not eat, then an empty refrigerator is all that is
needed to quench and quell that urge to eat.

(3) and finally when at the store, never buy much food if
any. It is easier to meet your weight requirements from
the shopping end rather than having food tempt you at
home in the refrigerator. So if you cannot keep your
refrigerator sparse in food, then you cannot lose and
keep a low weight.

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