Fat Loss For Junior

Steve Junior

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Nov 3, 2002
Diet recomendations for a junior racer from the uk looking to shed the so called puppy fat and become leaner and meaner!!<br />I am dedicated and just want tips on recipes for eating for breakfast, packed lunch, and cooked eve meal!<br />Thanx<br />Steve
Some good advice for a junior is to enjoy the food you get at home! Eat a balanced and mixed diet. The only changes that you should make are eating more on days you train, eat less on days you dont train, start avoiding foods that are bad (you know these already: chips, chrisps, fatty foods, soft drinks, etc) and start eating foods that are good for you (again you know what these are: unprocessed foods, fruit and veg, complex carbohydrates (e.g. potatoes and pasta, not sweets or table sugar)).<br /><br />There is some other good advice on this site, check out some of the other posts. Start thinking about what you should be eating, follow your own good advice!<br /><br />The fat will go as you train harder and longer as you mature, if you make any radical changes to your diet at your age both your performance and health will suffer!
well steve i have the same prob like you. so any tips are welcome.<br /><br /><br />Jelle
Too true!! The simplest advice is always the best. Now where is that lard? On my ass! :D
A few simple things can make you leaner and meaner probably in months.

1) Don't drink soda. It dehydrates you, gives heavily processed sugar and weakens your bones.

2) Don't eat fast food (i.e. McDonald's). While I don't know what your present eating habits are, I know that most of my friends don't hestitate to eat huge "value" meals a few times a week.

3) Eat lots of fruit. Again, most people don't; if you eat a banana, apple, orange and bunch of grapes once every day, you'll be replacing things that aren't as good for you.

Aside from those two - as a previous poster mentioned, you know the rest. Don't eat cookies or cake, blah blah blah. Remember, though, that you're better off rewarding yourself once in a while than fighting so hard that you become discouraged.
Remember that energy drinks contain ENERGY, only use as much as you need. Using too much energy drink will result in increses in body fat!!